Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day 7, 8 & 9 - Wild Past Couple of Days

Sorry everybody – the last couple of days have been a little crazy! So I left off at the Hen’s Party on Thursday night the 21st. The Hen’s Party was in Balmain and had a 50’s Grease theme (hence the scarf around my neck – hey it was the best I could do – I found out about the theme on the night before I left at midnight!) (The Bucks started at the Victoria Room in Darlinghurst but that is the most I got out of Nathan so I have no more info about them.) Anyway, we started out with dance lessons at the Pub then we played some games and finally on to drinking and more drinking and then drinking some more. I learned a valuable lesson on Thursday night which was a girl from South Georgia (Albany no less) can NOT out drink a Kiwi!!!! Piki, sister in law of the bride, must have bought 6 rounds of tequila and other shots, on top of the champagne, wine, cosmos, and beer we had that night! We finished at The Empire Room in Kings Cross but I honestly can’t tell you a lot of details b/c I can’t remember –all a blur!

Josie (the bride and me at the hen’s night)

Piki (the Kiwi and cause of my MAJOR “Headache”) and Mandy

The reason for our headaches! All the girl’s were feeling REALLY bad on Friday!

Hence why I couldn’t blog yesterday b/c I was in recovery until around 6pm. But of course since I am married to the least sympathetic man on the planet (god bless him) I “boned up” and got out of bed at noon – went to McDonald’s and then we all went to see the Sydney Olympic Park. The Olympic Park was amazing b/c Sydney didn’t have any of the facilities they would need for the Olympics so they built everything for the event. So all the buildings including the stadium, pool, village, etc were built within walking distance of each other -great concept that couldn’t be done in most cities b/c they wouldn’t have that much land available in one place - but surprisingly Sydney did! Unfortunately I was very sick and couldn’t really enjoy itL! I blame Piki (the New Zealander) for my awful headache and when I see her at the Rehearsal Dinner I will let her know!
Nathan outside the main stadium at Olympic Park

Sydney did some really cool things at the Olympic park including naming all the previous sites – here we are posing with Atlanta.

I (barely) pulled myself together for the Rehearsal Dinner at the Woolwich Pier Hotel, but I’m glad I did. The views were unbelievable. We had an early night though and went home by 10 pm to have a good night sleep.
View from the balcony at Woolwich Pier Hotel

So we woke up this morning and drove down to the Paddington Market – what a wonderful time! I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone traveling to Sydney – it only happens on Saturdays from 10 – 6 and has wonderful artists, jewelers, and clothing vendors. I am so glad we woke up early to go! We went from there to the Bolmain Bowling Club to meet the bride, groom, and other wedding attendees. The “bowling” game was cool and nothing I had played before. Great beer drinking and bonding activity. – oh and I beat the pants off Nathan as I am a very good bowler!

Our party of bowlers.

Carolyn picked us up from bowling (the hostesses with the mostess for sure) then we got hher Mum and we all went back to Carolyn’s for a barbeque. We grilled lamb and the most wonderful sausages I have ever eaten. We also had a fabulous dessert called Pavlova – I would make it for you guys when I get back but it sounds WAY too complicated! We had a nice relaxing dinner and now I am going to bed before 3 am – thank goodness! Tomorrow we are off to the Australian Gift Fair (so we can write off this tripJ) and to the wedding! Good Night and Rest in Peace!:)
Anthony, Peter, Julia, Mandy, and Mum
Nathan the mean griller! (Yes that is water he is pouring on the grill – don’t ask)

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Lindsey said...

Hi guys- looks like you are having a ton of fun! Thanks for the updates and the pics. I guess I will just contiune to live vircariously through you and my sister:) Take care and continue to have FUN! Lindsey

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