Friday, February 15, 2008

Day 1 - We are off to Australia

We are sitting in the RDU airport waiting to get on our plane to Australia. Well actually to Atlanta then to Seoul, Korea then to Sydney, but hey details right?! This is actually a lot more direct then we thought so we are excited! During check in, we quickly realized that we have packed over 200 pounds of luggage. Delta was not very happy, but Nathan made it happen so that we were able to bring everything (delta medallion status – yippee!). Please note that we are going to be gone 3 weeks. Nathan’s stuff totaled 30 pounds and Mandy’s was 170. IMAGINE THAT!!! (Note – so I, Mandy, wrote most of this until the very end Nathan had to put his two cents in – I can really only be blamed for about 50 okay 75 pounds okay 79 (I had to bring a 4 lb bag of Big Train Chai Tea – of which I am addicted and can not live without. How does one acquire a 4 lb bag of Chai tea you may ask – well if you visit the same coffee house every day for 5 years they pull a few strings for you! Thanks Java Jive!)


Lisa said...

Bwahaha, that's what happened when we spent that long in Hawaii!!! I made Nick check my luggage as "his" ;-)

Noelle Whittaker said...

Awesome! Australia! 4lb bag of Chai Tea...that's just funny!

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