Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stag Weekend in Prague For Nathan

Hello all...This is Nate. I know what you are thinking. Where in the hell is Mandy and why isn't she writing this post. We'll...Mandy is back in the States (for a month). As I am writing this post, I am thinking how good a life she has. Last week she spent the week in the Georgia mountains for some rest and relaxation with her family (parents, sisters, neices, nephews, etc.). This week she is in Panama City Beach, FL (...boy I bet she is reflecting on her teenage years - I wonder if she has gone to La Vela yet -

I spent last week in Krakow, Poland on business. On my return back to Zurich, I took a 2 day layover in Prague (Praha) Czech Republic. Everyone that I have ever talked to said the city's architecture is absolutely amazing.

I arrived into Prague on Friday evening. After getting settled in, I journeyed down to Old Town to see this Charles Bridge that everyone talks about.

After walking around around for a couple of hours, I found myself in the Casino. Lets just say 40 minutes later I won enough to pay for my entire trip. I was extremely amazed because I never win.

On Saturday, I took a couple 3 hour tours offered by Sandemans New Prague Tours. This company is amazing. If you ever visit Prague, I highly recommend this company. In 6 hours and 800 CZK (Koruny) or $43 USD, I saw more of the city than I could of ever expected. The tour was spectacular and the history lessons/stories were even easy for me to understand ( mind doesn't grasp history very well). Justin was our tour guide. He had more energy than anyone I have ever met. His energizer bunny like energy was probably helped by the 3 red bulls he consumed.

The first tour was free (only tipped Justin). On this 3-hour walking tour we cover all the main sites and stories, including:
•Old Town Square•St. Nicolas’ Church • Powder Tower • Art Nouveau Municipal • HouseWenceslas Square • Estates Theatre (First Mozart Performance) • Astronomical Clock • Maiselova Street & Old Jewish Quarter • Karlov Most – Charles Bridge • Lennon Wall • WWII – Prague Uprising and much more

The second 3 hour tour was of the Prague Castle
• Prague Castle • St Vitus’ Cathedral • St Nicholas’ Church • Domeček Gestapo / StB Prison • Wallenstein Palace • Amazing panoramic views • St George’s Basilica • The Garden of Eden • ‘Mozart’s House’ • The Deer Moat • Novy Svět - New World Street • and much more!
Below is a picture of the 1 of a kind astronomical clock in the world. Every hour, the windows open up and the 12 disciples pass through the windows. A bit over-rated, but interesting non-the-less.

I was especially amazed at this piece of art. Not very often do you see a man peeing through the back of a lion's head.

Prague and all its churches, bridges and castles were absolutely amazing. The thing that I think I found most amazing was the ability of woman to walk on cobblestone streets with 4-6 inch stiletto (I can't believed I just used that word in a sentence) heels. You think this is amazing. Trust ain't got $hit on this.

I don't know if I have more respect for the woman who can walk in heels on this terrain....or for the companies that manufacture these shoes...NOW THAT'S SOME INCREDIBLE ENGINEERING.

If you are interested in seeing more pictures, feel free to check out the album. The only thing that could of made the visit to Prague better was if it was with Mandy. I miss you babe.

Prague, Czech Republic

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