Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween isn't that big of a deal in Zurich (the only Halloween stuff I saw was at the Coop Grocery store and it was only 1 meter by 1 meter!) But were invited to a Halloween party and decided to to go all out! We only had 1 day to find a costume (and Nathan refuses to buy "only make") so we went with Zombies! I went to H & M and found the cheapest clothes I could buy and Nathan ripped up his Brooks Brothers' stuff - good times!

I really wanted (needed) fake blood but I can't find any to buy, so I decided to make some and looked up how to do it online. I was super excited b/c there were only 3 ingredients - corn syrup, red dye, and chocolate syrup. Surely I could find that in Zurich - right? Wrong! They don't have corn syrup in this country:( What's up with that? I was slightly depressed when I was walking out of the Coop then as if a gift from God I saw 1 package of "fake blood" out of the corner of my eye! Yeah!!! I think it really made our costumes..... We definietly got some looks and several people took pictures of us on the train:)

Happy Halloween!
xoxo, Mandy

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