Wednesday, April 28, 2010


All the boxes were picked up today - half to be shipped back to the States, half going to Finland.  This was a slightly different experience than the one we had a year ago when our stuff was shipped here. 

First of all we had to pack our own boxes.  Which I was actually fine with, but I was a little worried about making them too heavy since they gave us such big boxes - .288 square meters (big) - but Nathan was all "Don't worry about it - they'll send two big guys, they'll have a dolly - it will be fine.  They wouldn't give us this size box if they didn't want us to fill it up!"  Okay - I grasped that logic, so we filled, and filled, and FILLED the boxes - using only 7 of the 10 they gave us.

Jump forward to this morning.  Nathan leaves for work at 7:45 a.m. Door bell rings at 8 a.m. sharp.  Mover guy comes in - um yeah - as in mover, no plural, ONE guy!  He asks where the boxes are and I point them out.  He doesn't speak very good English (and I speak no German), but I tried anyway to ask him where the OTHER guy was.  He pointed down stairs.  Oh thank God - I thought I was going to have to help! 

Then the guy proceeds to try to push the (very heavy) boxes out the front door into the elevator.  Of course this is almost impossible, because of their size and weight (I kind of wait for the other guy to show up but when he doesn't), so I help.  Then he tries to stack one box on top of the other inside the elevator.  Which is almost impossible, because of the size and weight, so I help.  Then he can't fit in the elevator with the boxes to get them to the bottom floor (you can't just call the elevator from the bottom - not sure why) so I get in the elevator with the boxes.  Then I'm expecting a guy down there, but of course there is no one, and he can't get the boxes out of the elevator by himself, because of the SIZE and WEIGHT, so I HELP!

A picture of the size of the boxes so you know I'm not exaggerating!

Does anyone see a problem here?  A moving company sends one freaking dude to pick up boxes that they gave us, so they know how big they are!  Too big for one person to carry! 

I think I threw my back out.  I'm suing.  Oh wait - I can't.  I'm in Switzerland.  Damn!

Either way boxes are gone - we're almost outta here - only 2 more days!:)

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