Monday, April 12, 2010

Highlights from our trip to B.F.E.

Nathan and I just got back from an amazing 8 day trip to Egypt and Jordan with Sara & Josh Teitelman and Sarah & Zann Hawkins.  (We were there from March 31st to April 8th.)  I won't be able to write a detailed blog about all our adventures for a while (lots of "real" work to do), so I thought I would hit the highlights!

1.  We made the most out of our 5 hour layover in Istanbul, Turkey - that's Istanbul not Constantinople:)
The day before we left Zann asked the question, "We have a 5 hour layover in Istanbul - what do we do?", on Trip Advisor and everyone suggested heading down to the Sultanahmet District - so that's what we did!   In the short period of time we actually had (about 1 hour once we got down there) we were able to see The Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia (also a mosque).  Istanbul looked like a really cool city and I would love to head back there! 

Self Portrait in front of the Hagia Sofia - check

Self Portrait in front of The Blue Mosque - check!  Now back to the airport!

2.  We walked like an Egyptian!

3.  I "belly danced" on a Nile River Cruise while 200 Asians took my photo.  (Just click on the picture to view the video).  p.s. - you can definitely make fun of my dancing - I TOTALLY deserve that :) but you can NOT make fun of my old lady shoes - first of all I AM getting old and my feet hurt okaaaaaaaaaay and second I was such a nice person and let Sara T borrow my other sandals because her luggage was lost in transit and all she had was her tennis shoes:)! (Here is the link to YouTube if you can't view it)

I had obviously been overserved - okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

4.  Nathan, Josh and I got to scuba dive the #5 dive site in the world based on this website (although the Top 10 dive sites vary by who you are asking, most dive sites do rank the Red Sea in the Top 10) - Shark and Yoland Reef in the Red Sea!

5.  We rode Camels!  Nathan had our camera during the ride and these are his two *best* shots.  Needless to say he didn't have our camera for the rest of the trip!:)

A "camel thong"...

and a "camel toe"!  Thanks Nathan:)

6.  After living above a Hookah Bar for the last year, we finally got to try it in the middle of the desert!  Special Note to our Parents: Don't worry we can all still run for office - no one inhaled:)  No - it's just  flavored tobacco (ours was apple) that you smoke from the hookah - I swear!

7.  Josh and I got to "Comb the Desert".  (So this isn't funny if you haven't seen Spaceballs the Movie - if not you can watch the clip here.  We both grew up on this movie and I think I must have seen it 100 times when I was a kid - classic for sure!)

"We ain't found shit" (watch the movie)

8.  Nathan backpacked through Israel. We found out quickly when planning a trip to Egypt and Jordan that you need to hire a driver whenever you want to go anywhere.  We used Memphis Tours (they were great - we definitely recommend them) to coordinate this for us.  Before we left, we received an email from our contact about our transfer from Egypt to Jordan - it said - and I quote:
"Our representative will transfer you to Taba Border (of Egypt) and then you walk via Israel to Jordan.  Our representative will then meet you in Jordan"
The Egyptians nor the Jordanians can cross into Israel (without a hard to get Visas) so we had to go it alone.   We thought this was pretty funny (my Mom didn't :) ) because we had no idea how long we would be "walking through Israel" for:)!  The whole Israel process took about 1 hour and 45 minutes but actually went pretty smoothly!

Almost to Jordan!

9.  We saw Petra - one of the New Wonders of the World!  It is crazy to think that Petra was established sometime around the 6th Century B.C. - truly amazing - you have to go to fully appreciate what these people built!

10.  We covered ourselves in Dead Sea Mud and then floated in the Dead Sea!  We now all have amazingly smooth skin - we're going to have to go back for sure!

I'm normally against bathing suit photos, but I'm covered in mud so I guess it's okay!

It was hard to choose just 10 things because the trip was so amazing!  One of the best trips we have ever been on for sure!  We loved the sites, the local people, the food, and our group!!!

Ain't that right uh-huh?  Uh-huh!!!:)

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CK said...

OMG, I am forwarding this site to Sarah and Meredith Kate, our adventures in Europe pale by comparison but hey, we can aspire to belly dancing on the Nile!

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