Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And we're off!

As I sit in our empty apartment, on our last day "living" in Europe, I can't help but think of all the great times we've had in the last 18 months. Wow what a whirlwind.  It feels like only yesterday Nathan called me and said "Want to move to Europe?  We have to be gone in 30 days..." 

How do you turn down an opportunity like that?  You don't. 

From the initial shock (30 days is a really short time to get your mind wrapped around moving to another country) to landing in Switzerland (I didn't know the language or simple things like where to find the grocery store or how the damn dishwasher worked) to our first outing (I wasn't about to spend all week in a 600 sq foot apartment and not get out on the weekends) to making my first friend (Thank God for you Miriam) to feeling comfortable as a Zuricher (sure I can give you directions!) - life as an Ex-pat has been pretty fabulous. 

We've learned a lot about ourselves during the last year - like the fact that we won't actually kill each other if we live in a space as small as 400 sq feet - who knew?!  Or the fact that we love being outdoors doing stuff like hiking or biking.  Hopefully we won't go back to our "old ways" of working all the time once we get back to Raleigh - it really would be a shame.  

The best times here have been spent with our family and friends (both old and new) traveling and see the world - so thank you for all the memories!  Since I was reminiscing and looking at all the pictures from the last year and a half, I thought I would put together a picture collage of some of my favorite times.

Finally, a special thank you to Nathan's co-workers (and their significant others!) in both Switzerland and Finland, you all have been so welcoming and helpful.  It wouldn't have been the same without all of your kind gestures and hospitality!  So THANK YOU  from the bottom of my heart to everyone at ABB - you made our time abroad so much more enjoyable.

Now off to Greece for our final hoorah and then back to Raleigh.  Although we have had so much fun, it is time to come back, because as Dorthy said "There's no place like HOME!" 

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