Monday, April 20, 2009


NO– not my current weight from eating from all the stress of moving over seas – the weight of how much we can ship over to Switzerland! To which I said – WHAT? I thought we could take 2 cubic meters (1 cubic meter each) and I thought we had done a pretty good job of narrowing down to those parameters. BUT I found out about the weight THIS morning as the movers were arriving! I knew this would be a problem – I mean – HELLO – my bag when I traveled to Australia for 3 weeks was 52 lbs AND I had a carry on! How can I only take 250 lbs for 1 YEAR!!! NOT. HAPPENING.
Of course I was right – the movers came to me before they even got to our closet and told me we had already reached our limit. I think Nathan made some bad choicesJ However, in his defense, he only knew about the 2 cubic meters not the 500lbs – his choices were small but heavyJ! Either way, I talked to the movers and they estimated an additional 200 lbs of clothes so I called the relocation company and they estimated an additional cost of $1500 – which Nathan had already okayed up to $2000 so we got to bring our clothes- YIPPEE!:)


Lisa said...

Would've been a great excuse to buy a whole new wardrobe ;-)

But yes, I made Nick check an extra suitcase for me for two weeks in Hawaii for my shoes alone... oops!

Mandy said...

Now that I'm here - I'm seconding guessing my packing. Not sure where I am going to fit all 700 lbs.......:) And girl you know there was an ENTIRE box of shoes - again not sure where I am going to put them though! We only have one armoir and there are no closets!

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