Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yes – I AM going on a Girl’s Trip

What? Do you think it is a bad idea that I am leaving for a 6 day Girl’s Trip 1 week before I move to another country? Fortunately/Unfotunately the trip was planned 8 months ago. Fortunately b/c I get to see all of my girls before I move to Switzerland. Unfortunately b/c I only have 11 days left before we move and 6 of those days will be spent in Ft. Lauderdale drunk! I was a little stressed yesterday with all the stuff that needs to get done before I leave. The short list is:
1. Hire New Employee for Swagger
2. Order all new items for May
3. Teach Heather everything there is to know about Swagger
4. Plan all the details for the LLS fundraiser on May 2 (the day before we leave!)
Written down this doesn’t really seem that big of a deal – but all my wonderful customers keep coming into the store to talk to me so I haven’t really gotten that much done at work! So actually the girls trip is a nice break – once I landed in FL I had an overwhelming since of calm. I could actually hear myself think! It has been wonderful being “away from it all” today- I have gotten some work done that I have been putting off and am ready to unwind with my friends! See you all when I get back to Raleigh!


Lisa said...

"3. Teach Heather everything there is to know about Swagger"

So uh, how'd that go?? Hah!

Mandy said...

I think it went well - but maybe you should ask her that...... She said she woke up the day before I left and almost had a panic attack:) I wasn't the most organized person before I left - too much to do! I was entirely too ADD!

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