Thursday, June 17, 2010

To all our Swedish readers...

I found Kauralastuja cookies at the grocery store today and am now addicted!  So good!  If anyone has their grandmother's recipe and wants to share it with me - please do;)

Swedish Cookies
And yes this is my plate for lunch...don't judge me!:)
The back of the label reads:
The delicious biscuits of Gillebagaren are baked in the small village Örkelljunga, in the woods of North Scania.  They are made of the best ingredients, after old traditional Swedish recipes.  Healthy oat flakes are being used in Gillegagaren's biscuits.
Now I think we can all agree that the most important line was the last one that stated "healthy oats" are used.  Thank goodness!  I thought I was going to get fat eating them since there isn't any nutritional facts on the box, but not now!!  Thank you Sweden - I am indebted to your cookie making ability!

In other Swedish news... we are headed to Stockholm!  If anyone has ideas for things for us to do please let us know!  It would be greatly appreciated!

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