Friday, June 18, 2010

We ate reindeer.

Sorry Santa but when in Rome Helsinki - you must try the Finnish Food! 

Last night Nathan and I had dinner with two of his colleagues at Ravintola Konstan Möljä at the recommendation from another local colleague. 

Apparently this restaurant is quite well known for its traditional Finnish buffet menu including - marinated herring, sour cabbage, karelian pie, roast reindeer, and so much more - sound appetizing?  Well actually - it was!  I was a little hesitant to try the marinated herring - I wasn't sure how cold fish in some yellow sauce was going to taste, but I loved it (the sauce was, to my surprise, dijon)!  The reindeer was actually pretty good too- waaaaaaay better than deer meat!  Nathan and I weren't all that keen on the karelian pie, but while writing this blog I looked up exactly what it was and unfortunately since we weren't with any actual Finnish people we missed the fact that we were supposed to spread munavoi (egg butter) on top of it.  I guess we'll just have to try it again - EVERYTHING tastes better with butter;)! 

Karelian pie - a traditional finnish pastry made from rye bread and rice

The restaurant is owned and run but a cute little couple that wear traditional Finnish dress.  They were very nice and explained to us (in english) all about the menu items, the traditional dress, origin of the recipes (his family is from the finnish island Uuras), and the "dock" theme of the restaurant. 

I would definitely recommend this restaurant to any of you traveling to Helsinki, and if you come to visit us, I'm sure we will go!  And Nathan's favorite part - it was only 18 Euros per person!:) Woo hoo!


Anonymous said...

I accidentally bought reindeer lasagna from Ikea once. It was yummy though!

Mandy said...

Kelly - what are you doing buying food at IKEA?:) Okay - who am I to judge - I've totally thought about buying the frozen Swedish meatballs - ha!:)

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