Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Deep Thoughts

These are the things on my mind today:
1. How am I going to watch Gossip Girl? Apparently all the US Television stations block all non US IP addresses from downloading any TV programs - not cool- not cool AT ALL.
2. Thank God all the meat has pictures of animals on the label or I wouldn't be able to cook anything. I don't like non distinguishable meat and it seems like most of it in the grocery store is already marinated so I can't tell what the meat "below" all that coating is.
3. I'm not sure how Nathan and I are going to survive living in 650 sq. feet together. I wonder which one of us will make it out alive?:)
4. I think it's funny that no one on my day to day journeys (trying to buy groceries, etc) speaks English but all they play is American music. I must have heard Beyonce 5 times yesterday.
5. Speaking of music - I am going to be really hip with my knowledge of music and music videos when I get back. The only channel that has English is MTV - and that is only during the music videos:) Even the "Wonder Pets" are in German:) Of course, I would read books but also none of them are in English. I guess I should have thought about that before I came and stocked up on them.:) My preparation for this "trip" was poor at best!

That's it for now - I guess I'm not very deep today:)
love ya, Mandy


Lisa said...

Oh wow - talk about media blackout!

Let me know if you need me to send your DVDs... oh - how about iTunes? I think you can download episodes after they air. If you're still blocked, let me know and I'll ship you some post-iTunes dvds :-)

Mandy said...

Hey Lisa - I am trying to get a slingbox so I can watch TV - otherwise I was going to go with the itunes thing - I just hate to pay per episode:(

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