Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama......Wait, What?

Last night Nathan and I went to dinner in Zug with Letha McLaren! I couldn't believe it when we saw her on our flight from Atlanta to Zurich. Letha and Mike are old friends from GT and unfortunately I don't think I have seen them since their wedding 8 years! We all wanted to catch up, so I got her number on the plane and this morning I called her to see if we could do dinner. She said yes, so we took a train to Zug where she is working. (The train ride from Oerlikon was about 30 minutes).

Zug is beautiful. Quaint town about 30 minutes south of Zurich on Lake Zurich. Definitely different than Oerlikon:) After we go off the train we walked to the lake to pick a place for dinner. Below are a couple pics. Nathan especially loved the deer. Yes - I said deer. They were fenced in like someone's dogs. Kind of funny but we saw this in Australia too. Nathan wants to know if people keep them as pets here? :)

We ended up picking an Italian place near the water. This was the view from our table:

Not too shabby! We all ordered pizzas which were amazing! I wish I would have looked at the name of the restaurant so I could tell you guys!:) What I thought I ordered was a Pepperoni and Steak Pizza but I forogt that when they write pepperoni they mean peppers:) It was still amazing - the "carne" was fantastic! Not sure what made the sauce so good either but wow I want to go back! So while we were eating, these two guys from Italy and Peru came around with a tip jar and asked if we wanted to hear anything. We had heard them playing "Johnny Be Good" when we first sat down (which was funny itself) so Nathan tried to stump them with "Sweet Home Alabama". In their broken english they said "Okay" so it was on. See the video below - pretty funny - I love the saxophone! I guess you don't have to know english to memorize the tune and the words.:) The singer came over afterwards and asked how he did. We of course said "Excellent!" - he was very excited b/c he said he was really trying to pronounce the words correctly!

All in all - great night! Thanks Letha! We hope to see you next time you are "in town"!

ps - as I am writing this I am eating the nonrefridgerated eggs from the grocery store - I'll let you know if I get sick:)

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