Saturday, May 23, 2009

Did we just break for ice cream?

Today we woke up to another beautiful day in Zurich! We didn't have any plans, so we decided to bike down to Zurichhorn Park again(like I said I'm a glutton for punishment) to lay out and people watch. I swear that is some of the best people watching in the world! This one guy totally pulled a MacGyver and attached an umbrella to a fishing pole then somehow propped it in his backpack so the umbrella would cover him from the sun while he walked! HA-FREAKING-LAR-I-OUS! I tried to get a picture but I wasn't fast enough and Nathan wouldn't let me run after him.:) Nathan likes watching all the girls change into their bathing suits right there in the park - the europeans are NOT modest that is fo sho!:) The only drawback is all the PDA - get a room people! Jeez!

So around 5 o'clock we decided to go see a movie. I will have to admit - I love how laid back we are becoming here. Going to a park then to a movie in the middle of the day on a Saturday? Crazy talk back in the US, but here - sure, why not? Anyway, we went to the Corso Theater on Theaterstrasse to see Illuminato (in English:) ) . Just so you know - 20 Fr. per person (basically $18) to see the movie. And I thought it was a rip off in Raleigh at $8.75! Anyway, so when you get to the theater you get to pick a section to sit in - the ground floor, the stadium seating section, or the balcony (each one is more expensive than the other, respectively). I didn't know this at the time, but you are actually purchasing a ticket for a specific seat. Pretty cool - I guess no waiting in a long line for the perfect seat for the sequel to Twilight:). Anyway, so we are about half way through the movie and the movie stops. STOPS. And a picture comes on the screen and says "Time for an ice cream!" Are you kidding me? Nope - not kidding. The "intermission" was about 10 minutes and I swear to you that almost everyone came back with an ice cream - to the theater! Wow - my Dad is going to LOVE the movies in Switzerland! They combine his two favorite things - ice cream and the movies! I mean I knew the Swiss loved their ice cream - seriously every time I turn around someone is eating a cone - but during the middle of a movie? Really? Can't they go 2 hours? Has anyone else ever noticed this or is it just me? Anyway, here's a pic of Nathan in the theater with our seat tickets, but I should have gotten a pic with everyone with their ice creams:)

Tomorrow we are headed to Quinten to hike - I'm turning into such the outdoors girl:) I'll let you know if we hike UP the mountain. I can't take another DOWN trip!


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