Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nathan needs a new Yob!

Yo..Yo...This is Nate. This is my first post since arriving into Zurich 2 weeks ago. There is no way I can compete with the humor of Mandy, but I will try to write when I feel like a man's view of the world is needed.

Actually it is Mandy that needs to get a yob to take care of Daddy Nate's wants and needs I love it here, but we are going to need to make alot more money to keep up with the Jones. The toys look so awesome...Now I need to find out how I can get me sum. I guess I need to work harder and smarter.

We had the fortunate opportunity to spend some time in Downtown Zurich yesterday. I always knew there was alot of money in Zurich, but I never new until I spent 4-5 hours on Banhofstrasse.

I counted 4 ferraris....3 lamborghinis...2 Bentleys and a Rolls Royce for Nathan's broke ass.

Here's some proof. For those that come over to visit, the people & toy watching is absolutely spectacular.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Hahahaha, too funny. Let me know how the new YOB works out.

In the mean time, enjoy drooling over the cars!

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