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Drunken Sailors - Zurich Street Parade 2009

So Friday afternoon Miriam and I went out to find costumes for the Street Parade on Saturday. I'll be honest - I was picturing blue wigs, neon leg warmers - you know - 80's Techno! But after finding out that wigs in this freaking country are 80 Francs a piece we quickly vetoed that idea! Since we knew it was going to rain (pour!) Miriam brought up the fact that we should incorporate hats and rain boots into our outfits! THANK YOU Miriam! We found an Army Surplus store and our Sailor theme was born!
Then Saturday morning Nathan and I went back into Zurich to pick up his hoola skirt and lei! I thought it would be cute with the Sailor theme (I rescued him from an island or something:)! I so wish I would have brought my camera for this early morning excursion, b/c there were already people in costumes (but only a few) so they looked really out of place and they were getting some crazy stares from unsuspecting tourists! Little did they know they would definitely get an eyeful later in the day! Final stop - Denner - to buy a bottle of rum for Nathan and a bottle of vodka for me - it WAS going to be an ALL day event - don't judge us:)!

Why are people staring at me....Haters

Zurich Street Parade - We Salute You!

It was still pretty nice weather Saturday morning (it was beautiful, sunny and 80 on Friday - of course) but AS SOON AS we were ready to walk out the door for the parade at 2 pm the skies opened up! We had an umbrella and tried to stay dry for a bit but then realized it was completely USELESS and just gave in! I mean -trying to weave your way through a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people really isn't all that easy when you are trying not to poke anyones eye out! And besides - we were getting wetter but all the water dripping off each others umbrellas then by the rain! Thank goodness for the SAILOR HATS or I would have looked reaaaaaaaaaaaally bad!

Speaking of Sailors - I highly recommend dressing up as one the next time you have the opportunity! It was SO MUCH FUN saluting people and having them salute back! (Maybe it was partly the minibar in Nathan's backpack but I think it was MOSTLY the hats!) And it was fun having a twin! Maybe not as much fun for Miriam after Nathan accidently spanked HER butt a few times, but I loved it! :) We got lots of attention, and had several people taking our pictures (even with the huge paparazzi like cameras) so I'm thinking we might end up on the internet today! But don't worry Mom - I swear I didn't do anything to embaress the family!:) Although Nathan did say several times that we were going to have to a "family meeting" today........ Good thing he drank his entire bottle of rum by himself and he can't remember what for! ......Maybe it was one of these photos:)

The back of their shirts said.......First Lesson Free. Probably good for them b/c I'm not sure who would have paid:)

Support your local drag queen!

The rest of our crew:)

The "mini-bar" backpack ROCKED!

I'm Proud to be an American!

So Nathan basically had the camera the whole time but here are a few of him too! I don't think he wanted any "evidence":)

Go ahead - get on stage - they WANT you to!

What IS that?

The people watching was some of the best I've EVER seen! Wow! It's amazing what people will leave the house in! I mean REALLY? REALLY? Actually I'm REALLY grateful b/c I have some AWESOME pictures and great memories for the rest of my life! :) It was basically like Mardi Gras on steriods with lots of Techno Music! Oh - and it was actually peaceful! They claimed it would be on the "Official Street Parade" website but, with all those people, pouring down rain, bouncers that kept backing us up away from the "lovemobiles", lots of alcohol, and I'm guessing a fair amount of drugs - I couldn't believe there wouldn't be any fighting, but I didn't see a single altercation! I guess they were right - Techno Musik does bring Love and Peace!:) Here is some of the "Love and Peace" we experienced:

This lady was "riding" a flamingo:)

Really? Well at least she had on most of her clothes....

Best use of a triathalon belt - cigarettes and mini bottles!

Not sure what they are supposed to be.....

AnnMarie - this one is for you!:)

Swine Flu!

Speaking of the Lovemobiles - Nathan got some good video! The Lovemobiles were basically "floats" designed by all the clubs in Zurich. I'm not sure how many there were but they started at 1 pm and were still going at 8 pm when we left the parade for the after party!

The Pirate themed Lovemobile coming through! Yeah - the people do get out of the way:)

Here is one video:

I just love this group photo but I don't think any of us remeber taking it:)!

There were a bunch of parties/concerts after the parade and we picked the one at the Main Train Station. Nathan and I didn't last very long though and although it is a huge debate on what time we got home (neither of us quite remember) I think it was around 10 pm.

The dance lights kind of messed with the pics but you get the idea.

L is for "Loser" b/c we were headed home!

Surprisingly though we were up by 9 am and ready to take on the world - okay not the whole world but at least our living room:) Total veg day (and I haven't been outside...yet) but no headache and no hangover! Yeah!!!! We might be over 30 but we can STILL party! Whoop Whoop

You can click here for the REST of the story:)

The "official" website had some great pictures too - including more naked photos:)

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