Thursday, August 6, 2009

Zurich Street Parade 2009 - Still Have a Dream

Everyone is talking about the STREET PARADE that is this Saturday in Zurich. Last year over 800,000 people attended! It is the largest parade in Europe and the most peaceful!

Here is a little bit from the "Motto & Meaning" page from the Official Street Parade Website.
This was a long time before the birth of the Street Parade, but it has been fighting for the same goals for 18 years. Thousands of people – no matter what their religion, skin colour or sexual orientation – dance to electronic music that allows everyone to be together peacefully and without violence. Together, we will live the dream of another sensational, peaceful Street Parade in 2009!

Let's look forward to the 2009 Street Parade. Let's give the gift of joy and cheer – let's dance on the streets of Zurich! STILL HAVE A DREAM! The Street Parade is no dream – it's a gift from today to the future. A pulsating, peaceful messenger helping everyone to share, and a party with exciting electronic music and dance. Zurich vibrates to the spirit of the unique, magical Street Parade that's impossible to describe; it just has to be experienced! We're looking forward to another peaceful, colourful, fascinating occasion, and to welcoming you here in Zurich!

So dancing to Techno Music in the street (apparently without much clothing on and in costume) brings PEACE TO ONE AND ALL! Who knew? Somebody should tell America this.:) I can see Techno Dance Parties in NYC, Chicago, LA, Atlanta.....Raleigh?! Who wants to create the first "Lovemobile"?

Can't wait to show you guys pictures! I think they will be pretty interesting! Here is the official video for the event:

Peace Out,


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