Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rimini Bar

Yesterday we went to the Rimini Bar to meet a bunch of people before the fireworks started for Swiss National Day. This place was VERY cool! It is located on the river (very secluded though) and had a great atmosphere. Great place to hang out during the day for a swim (although the water was REALLY cold) and at night the lighting made it really cool . I wish Raleigh had a place like this! Here are some pics:

Outside the Rimini Bar

Inside Rimini

The group we were with (about 50 people) - pretty nice!

When it got darker we moved to the "floor seating" - we will definitely have to go bar to this bar -great vibe!

About 9:30 we went down to the lake for the fireworks. We were with a bunch of Italians who decided the fireworks were "shit" and definitely from China - apparently Italian fireworks are the best on the planet - who knew? I'm pretty sure in America we grew up with Chinese fireworks - b/c Nathan and I thought the show was pretty nice:). What do we know?! Here is a pic of our smaller group at the lake - but there were thousands of others - very crowded!

The link for my sister who can't see the pics in the blog:)

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