Saturday, August 29, 2009

So I picked up some Quark at the Grocery Store...

It was near the yogurt section- similar type of container. I am kind of on a kick of trying new different types of food (except meat - that grosses me out) so I said "Why Not?".

I was curious (and hungry) when I got home so I broke into it right away. And I was PLEASANTLY surprised! That stuff is good! The consistancy is thicker than yogurt but not as thick as cream cheese - pretty dense but still creamy - maybe whipped cream cheese? Anyway, it was sooo good! I have never heard of it in the States - if you have please let me know because I will definitely want it when I get back!

So of course I had to google "Quark" to find out what it was, what people do with it, etc. Here is the wikipedia definition. The cool thing I learned is that it has a very low fat content and can be exchanged for cream cheese in most recipes. I found it on several "weight watcher" type websites. They suggested mixing it with honey and dried fruit or nuts for a dessert 0r just to spread it on toast for breakfast. Yummmm! I read it was popular in the Netherlands - Vicki or Kristen - did you ever have it there?

So this morning, when I woke up, I was so excited to have some on my toast for breakfast- when I find Nathan had mixed the entire container with his cereal (we do this a lot with yogurt).

He looks up at me and says "This is disgusting - it doesn't mix well - don't buy this brand again".

Then I said "That's because it's Quark - can't you read!" (I was kind of pissed because I wanted to eat it - I would have shared a tiny bit)

Then he said "Quark? What the hell is that?"

Me: "What you are eating! Couldn't you tell when you opened it that it didn't look like yogurt?!"

Him: "Yes - but if they didn't want me eating it like this then they shouldn't have put it in a YOGURT CONTAINER!"

Me (to myself) "Well how do you argue with that... with a man?" So I gave up and made him finish eating his "cream cheese mixed with cereal" :) Good times:)!

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